What to expect when auditioning for professional dance training

Once you have made contact with the college you are interested in. Pay close attention to the information they give you and to any deadlines given in these early stages when applying, responding, attending open days, exams, etc. It would be a good idea to have a prepared list of questions ready to ask when you decide to make initial contact. As is often the case, exams are taken at home and you may need to travel some distance to attend an exam which can be logistically timely and costly. So you want to make sure that the college meets your needs and expectations when it comes to training you and developing your skills and technology that will eventually propel you into the industry.

Some questions to consider;

1) What are the tests?

2) What does the test entail?

3) What is the testing process?

4) What courses do you offer?

5) Where do students go to secure contracts?

6) What are the qualifications and by whom is the school accredited?

7) What information is available regarding pastoral care and accommodation?

Each college will have its own way of administering the exam process, so it might be a good idea to create a spread sheet if you intend to take the exam for 3 or more colleges. This means that you will be able to keep a record of any information and deadlines for your submissions, responses and comments eg.

Tests do not come to colleges for a fee. Again, this fee may vary from college to college, as well as the cost of booking days off work and school, travel, and overnight stays that may need to be booked in advance all come into play here. Tests often start early in the morning and can last the majority of the day depending on the number of test candidates present. It may also be that you are offered a second test, should the first test be successful. This is known in the industry as a recall and therefore means that you now need to repeat the process again at a later time.

Some things in life are nice and simple and when you know what feels right, you know it. However, making such an important decision is not only where to enhance your training, but knowing where will be the right place for you to excel. Choose a place where you will feel happy and safe. All of these factors amount to your daily performance “at your best” and the enjoyment of being part of a college that can support you. There is some truth in the saying “blood, sweat and tears” and “the show must go on”.

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