The need for literacy

Literacy is described as the ability to read and write. An educated person is able to understand all forms of communication. The main effect of literacy is on the mind of the individual. Critical thinking and critical abilities are greatly improved. Literacy includes a range of complex linguistic underpinnings such as phonology (which includes the ability to hear and interpret sounds), word meanings, grammar, and fluency in at least one communication language. These skills determine the literacy levels an individual has achieved.

Literacy and language are highly related. A person only achieves literacy after becoming confident and acquiring the ability to read and write in any given language. Language is a common means of communication. There are many languages ​​in this world like Mandarin, English, Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Urdu, Arabic, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Russian, Persian, Tamil, Indonesian, Italian etc.

The term that helps to achieve literacy is ‘education’. It is the study of a particular language or group of languages ​​that helps a person understand the basic skills of a language. Education begins at an early stage and usually takes place in a school or college. A child begins his primary education between the ages of 3 and 5. And then he/she goes to primary school where the education goes one step further. Primary education is followed by secondary and upper secondary education, and then the person enrolls in college or university. University education depends on a specific stream that helps a person acquire a specialty. One can continue his studies for life as it is endless. The course material is broad and the courses vast.

Education and literacy are very important in our lives. A person becomes a responsible human being only after he completes his education and attains literacy. The progress of a country depends directly on the country’s literacy rate. The more advanced the country, the higher the literacy rates, which is why so many politicians, educators, and athletes are all pushing for the need for education in our lives.

An educated person is expected to perform their duties well. His style of thinking improves and he becomes more broad-minded. We must help our children complete their education and we must make them responsible citizens of our country. The most important benefit is that the individual becomes self-reliant after achieving literacy. I would like to ask all the people in this world to help children (especially the underprivileged) to study and to make them good citizens.

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