Question bank as a reform in higher education

Question Bank of Indian Universities

A question bank is a collection of questions produced by universities and examination boards on various subjects over the years.

Examinees can select the questions from these question banks to prepare the question papers. They contain questions for examining students in internal as well as external exams. The types of questions available in the question banks are of the essay type and thematic type. Questions for questioning banks are selected in such a way as to test students’ comprehensive ability.

Developing a question bank:

Association of Indian Universities has formed a question bank containing 10,000 questions in Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology, Mathematics, Commerce, Economics etc. Collecting questions from previous years question papers is one way. Senior professors and department heads may be asked to contribute questions to the questioning of banks. A symposium may be arranged, where faculties from various universities will participate, discuss and frame questions. A structured method of design, deployment and training will be essential for successful implementation.


Question banking is part of the examination reform. This question bank helps universities to maintain the level of education at the same level in all faculties. Less experienced teachers can collect questions from these banks as the questions are formulated by the top professors. Teachers and examiners are constantly engaged in creating more and more questions for inclusion thus keeping them professionally engaged. Question banks, if carefully constructed, can influence curriculum development, guiding syllabus interpretation, writing objectives, and building valid questions are some of the potential gains. Teachers will be trained as element writers. They will develop scientific skills not only in writing items but also in beating them. More and more effective ways of teaching and learning can be implemented. Students’ learning difficulties can be diagnosed

Store questions

The questions are stored in trays called “Cardex Trays”. The 8″x5″ cards are ideal for storing questions in cardex trays. The card contains questions and statistical data about the questions. It would be hard to imagine a question bank developing its full potential without taking advantage of the technical and account management advantages. Large-scale accounts of questions to ask questions to banks can only be dealt with using a computer. For limited volume applications, printed brochures or brochures are sufficient.


The question provides an opportunity (1) to produce and evaluate questions on a relatively more effective basis. (2) to perform the simultaneous comparison. (3) To match the exams with the curricula that are taught and not vice versa as it happens in the traditional environment. The question bank will act as a neutral teaching and management service that helps teachers and examinees to solve some problems through examination on a large scale.

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