Public Transport Bus Coach Sim

Bus & taxi simulation game 3d
Drive transport buses and taxi simulator in city traffic mode.
Games Capital is proud to be present by you coach bus public and taxi simulator game 3d.
Drive auto buses and taxi simulator 3d game with multiple control system in this offline bus game. Bus simulator game is free bus game with greatest public transport bus simulator offline driving expertise. Lots of passengers will waiting on bus stations pick them and drop destination within provided time.
Latest bus simulator 3d game is infact challenging and obsessive. In taxi game mode pick passenger from taxi station and don't touch to taxi car simulator with tractor, van, ambulance, train and police for avoid accidents and reach destination within time and get experience of real taxi driver. Bus coach game simulator has difficult task so improve driving skills with simulator games.
Drive the taxi simulator and bus simulator passing through charming environment. Don't drive on railroad because train can hit with simulator bus. Follow traffic rules and reach destination point on time. In taxi simulator 3d game perform multi levels and multiple missions. In bus wala game and bus simulator coach 3d game or and taxi simulator game, select own choice bus or taxi and start engine to show driving skills in taxi wala game and bus driving game.
In bus wala game, your major task is to drive taxi simulator car and bus simulator coach transport passengers from one city terminal to another terminal while passing toll plaza. Drive carefully taxi van game to passenger pickup point, open taxi door and let the passengers ride the taxi then drop off passengers to their destination.
Pass through mountains while driving tourist bus game and enjoy attractive scene of railway station. High speed and high duty taxi drive in this bus mission game and feel like real prado car parking. Go to petrol pump, fill yours bus tank with fuel and take the passenger to the destination and earn coins for purchase new bus and taxi and feel like real taxi driver. Enjoy ocean waves while driving modern driving 3d simulator game.
Drive in your lane to avoid a road accident and don't hit ambulance to save the lives of patients. Easy to use control system with steering, buttons and tilting by choosing left or right side with auto gear system. Use of brakes to stop the pakistani bus game. Map provided in this bus simulator game will help out the user to see his/her pickup and drop location.
Those users likes simulation games, racing games and driving games should play this 3d game for get experience in driving skills. In this china taxi simulator game pickup or drop the passengers successfully at the destination point within provided time and complete level with 3 stars. All levels are designed in variant atmosphere for attraction in this simulator car and bus parking game. Taxi driving Game is a real taxi simulator game for car users. There are lots of fun levels to play in this modern city coach simulator game. Each level of latest bus simulator public coach 3d simulator game is more interesting than previous job.

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