My Talking Angela APK v5.8.0.2914 (MOD Unlimited Money)

My Talking Angela MOD APK (Unlimited Money) may be a virtual pet game released by Outfit7 as a neighborhood of Talking Tom and Friends series. If you’re keen on Talking Tom, make friends together with his cute girlfriend – Angela.

When playing My Talking Angela, you’re a “parent” of a cute, beautiful cat girl. you’re liable for raising it, feeding it, bathing and dressing the cat within the best clothes. an excellent journey awaits you, where you’ll raise a pet and keep track of its development since it’s just a touch cat.

Outfit7’s cats are always very naughty and want to play. Like My Talking Tom, you can increase your cat’s Happy point by playing with it or playing mini-games.

As a cat lady, Angela needs a shower regularly. Click on the shower icon to require the cat to the toilet , then you’ll bathe and brush your cat’s teeth. After each shower, you’ll receive a gold coin and knowledge to level up. Besides, Angela also must attend the rest room a day .

After each day of playing, your cat are going to be tired and need to travel to sleep. At now , you can’t play minigames or ask Angela. Put your cat to sleep and switch off the facility , then close My Talking Angela and wait a couple of hours to continue playing. otherwise you can use diamonds to shop for medicine to assist your cat get healthy directly .

Of course. Although she’s just a virtual cat on her mobile, Angela must eat like her friends. it’s how for cats to be healthy and grow well. When the cat feels hungry, choose the Knife and Fork icon to bring your cat to the board . then , you’ll let your cat eat every dish presented on the table. they will be biscuits, lollipops, fresh milk, hamburger, …

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