Khushal Bagh Public School Peshawar Jobs 2021 for Teacher

Khushal Bagh Public School Peshawar Jobs 2021 for Teacher

Khushal Bagh Public School in Peshawar, Pakistan is looking for dedicated and experienced candidates for the open positions of Science Teacher, Chemistry Teacher, and English Teacher. This prestigious school is located in the beautiful Swarabagh area of Pakistan. The school has an excellent reputation as one of the top educational institutions in Pakistan.

It was established in 1954 by Dr. Muhammad Zakir Khan. He decided to establish a science center to provide quality education. The school quickly made a name for itself with excellent academic teaching and a good atmosphere for learning. Graduates of Khushal Bagh have gone on to become senior scientists in various international institutions.

In the current curriculum, science teaching is the first year of study. The science teacher prepares the student for their Leaving Certificate after completing their introductory course. They are then eligible for their National Certificate. A five years course is ideal for someone wanting to teach science at a local school, college, or university.

In order to qualify as a science teacher at Khushal Bagh Public School, you must hold a degree from a recognized school of science. The minimum requirements are a science GED, a 3.0 GPA, and a two-year teaching experience in a different science discipline. As long as you meet these basic requirements, you will be considered for any position.

You will receive assistance to find a job once you start school. The school will conduct interviews as well as hands-on training and supervision to prepare you for your role. From there you will receive a salary and benefits depending on what country you are working in. You can choose to work full-time or part-time. You will also have the benefit of receiving medical, health, and safety training, as well as continued education for up to 15 extra months each year.

Teaching at this prestigious school is an exciting challenge for those who enjoy speaking with students and handling the classroom. Your students will be taught by experienced, qualified instructors who are committed to their role. The curriculum at Khushal Bagh includes both science and English.

Both science and English courses are taught from a fundamental perspective, so you will learn about the concepts as well as apply them in the classroom. The school has a strong history and reputation for academic excellence. This history includes having won more than 50% of its national titles.

There is a school of nursing at the school as well. Students are required to complete a 2-year degree course, as well as participate in electives, courses that explore current technological advances as well as ones that allow them to obtain practical skills. There are a total of 35 different elective courses, which will help you to achieve your educational goals. The school also prides itself on offering some of the best in-house academic research programs in the country.

While you can see that there are many aspects of the program that will serve you well throughout your career, the main reason to attend Khushal Bagh Public School is the excellent academic program. From start to finish, you will get all of the instruction that you need to succeed in this challenging and rewarding program.

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Date Posted:08 November, 2021
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Expected Last Date:15 November, 2021
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For all of the many benefits that come with the excellent education provided at this prestigious school, as well as all of the fun and social interaction that students will enjoy, you cannot go wrong when considering Khushal Bagh as your next school choice.

The school’s academic center has two campuses located in Peshawar and Rawal Muhammad Naseer. All students residing in Rawal Muhammad Naseer will have easy access to the main campus, as well as to numerous on-campus libraries and other facilities.

Those living in Peshawar will also have easy access to the school’s various other campuses, as well as the university’s international campus. Students residing in both cities will also have easy access to each other’s schools.

There are numerous extracurricular opportunities that students at Khushal Bagh Public School can avail of, as well. Pre-term and post-term courses are available, as are summer courses. The school even offers an internship program for those who are interested in a career within the education field. The only thing you need to bring to the program is a sense of desire to learn.

If you live in Pakistan, or are a Pakistani citizen, and are interested in getting your education here, you should definitely consider sending your child to Khushal Bagh Public School. Your child will have excellent educational opportunities here, as well as excellent opportunities for personal growth.

Before you send your child to Khushal Bagh Public School, consider all of your options thoroughly. Compare tuition fees and other expenses, and ask if any grants or scholarships are available. Most importantly, know that a good education is not something that you should risk just to get a job. So be sure that you do everything in your power to make sure that your child gets the best education possible.

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