Join Pakistan Navy as PN Cadet for Permanent Commission

The requirements to join the Pakistan Navy as a PN cadet for permanent commission are pretty simple. To start with, you must be a resident of Pakistan with at least six months of service in the armed forces.

Once you fulfill these requirements and have been accepted into the navy, you can apply for a job as a PN. Online registration is recommended for those who wish to use it for a career with the Pakistan navy.

There are three levels of officer ranks in the Pakistan navy, each having its recruitment requirement. The lowest level is the petty officer, which is promoted every two years and requires a minimum of two years of service in the armed forces and completion of an ensign course.

At this level, applicants need not have experience serving as a petty officer, but they should have at least two years of job training at the university or college of their choice. After getting the commission, the officer can become a warrant officer by meeting the basic requirements for acceptance. After serving for two years in this post, the candidate can apply for promotion to the next level in the Pakistan navy.

The following eligibility level is the joint officer cadet, which requires at least three years of service with the Pakistan navy. This post also requires completing an ensign course and another two years of service as a petty officer in the navy.

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For promotions to the following levels, applicants need to pass the examinations conducted by the Pakistan navy. Those appointed as full officers and who have served 21 years get the authority of wearing the shalwar kameez under their long service within the Pakistan armed forces.

It is important to note that those appointed as CVs need to have at least 21 years of age. Also, those selected as ensigns must be at least 23 years old, while those chosen as quartermasters need to be at least 32 years of age. Applicants with at least one year on the service as petty officers or an ensign must also be appointed as a CV cadet.

Those who have at least five years of service as sailors in the Pakistan navy need not necessarily be appointed as naval cadets. This post is available for promotion only to the next rank. Those who serve as an officer in the Pakistan navy for more than five years must also be appointed as CV cadets.

In addition to being selected through military promotions, there are also other avenues for establishing a cadet. If the candidates have passed the recruitment test, passed the examination conducted by the Pakistan navy, and have served for at least one year as a petty officer. He may also apply to become a commissioned officer.

Those appointed as an ensign or petty officer in the navy need to undergo a comprehensive training course before they can apply for a job in the navy.

A complete training course includes practical and classroom sessions that include lectures on ship management, leadership, administration, and accounting. This training is conducted by the navy’s School of Water and Shipping Technology for all its enlisted and officer personnel.

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