Join Pak Navy as PN Cadet Jobs 2021

Join Pakistan Navy as a PN Cadet and get the rewarding career of your choice. The armed forces is recruiting young and single Pakistani males and they will be inducted into the PN cadre tomorrow (January). However, the recruitment process is strict and there is a special age limit for the recruits in the navy.

You should be above 22 years of age if you want to join the PN cadet. Those who are already enlisted and have reached their national service requirements can continue serving in the armed forces and the military will take them after two years.

The recruitment process will also take into account other criteria such as good academic performance, physical fitness, and knowledge of the local language and culture. If you fit into these criteria, then you have a good chance of joining the navy and getting a high salary and benefits package.

There are several private educational institutions that will teach the PN cadets (both adults and those who have just joined the armed forces) all that they need to know about working in a navy. In addition to that,

there are military schools and military colleges that offer scholarships and teaching facilities to qualified PN male applicants and they also conduct naval and air force schools for civilian candidates. It is, therefore, very easy for a patriotic Pakistani male to pursue his dream of becoming a navy officer.

In order to join the PN cadet, you need to submit your application form to the recruitment and selection center at Fauji in accordance with the timeline. To be accepted into the program, you must keep on doing all your preparations for joining.

The most important part is to attend the selection meeting at Fauji. This is conducted once a month and the candidates can make it if they qualify by meeting the minimum eligibility criteria.

Once accepted, you can expect an official letter from the recruitment and selection center at Fauji on 7th November 2021. You can also visit the recruitment and selection center in Karachi or Hyderabad to apply for the same.

Now, you can reach Pakistan’s strategic location through the sea via Jemaah International, a shipping line owned and operated by Piri Development Company. You have to wait for at least two to three months before you will be taken on board.

You should apply for the position of PN after you get your confirmation that you have been accepted onboard. In order to do that, you must submit an application form along with your CV and all the relevant documents to the recruitment and selection center at Fauji.

Once all the paperwork is submitted, you will have to appear for a physical exam before obtaining a sailing certificate and a lifesaving course completion certificate.

Furthermore, if you are a non-Singaporean national and you want to work in Pakistan, you will have to undergo three to six-month gap until you can qualify for the job of a PN cadet. The recruitment and selection center for the job of a PN cadet is currently undergoing through a process for the recruitment of term 2021-a. So,

till the next term comes up, all those who have applied for the post of PN cadet in Pakistan will be allowed to continue their search and apply for any other posts on the condition that they clear the competency test of the recruitment and selection center. You can expect to receive your naval commission and registration number after successfully completing the competency test.

Generally, all eligible maritime qualified applicants may apply for the naval commission without the consent of their family members. In the case of unmarried male applicants, the main requirement is that they should be at least twenty-five years of age.

All the maritime employees of Pakistan are expected to perform their best while serving in order to boost the country’s development. Those who have shown exceptional aptitude and performance in their core duties will be appointed as PN cadets.

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