How to check the eligibility of Ehsaas Program and Ehsaas Kafalat Program 14000

Hello friends, how are you guys with other great info? Who came with the Ehsaas program and today I am going to tell you how you can check your twelve thousand rupees in just one minute. You can also check your money.

I will tell you the full details of the method. The method has changed. What do many people do? Instead of looking at the article, they send a message to 8171.  The service is closed.

This is a new procedure. You can check this article in full. I will understand you in full detail. You can check the update from it. You are eligible for Rs. 12,000.  You can also check your Rs.14000. I would like to make a small request.

Ehsaas Kafalat Program Check Payment 14000

If you are approaching me and would like to see the first floor article like this, I will hurry up.  Subscribe to Ray Channel so you can be the first to get it on time and like the article.  If you have read this article for details, I have just explained to you in full detail how you can check your Rs 12,000 in just one minute. 

The portal is here. Look at the feeling. There is a similar value written in it. But you should not message on the number 8171. Listen carefully. People will say later.  Who told you to send a message to 8171.

You will understand this article carefully and you will know. If you are old on this website here, I will give you the link inside this website. You have given this article.  Take a look so that you can understand. Now I am giving you more links to this.

If you people come to the top, you do not know what to do, so first understand then its web.  Is on the site and as soon as you guys check the ineligible ones they can also check their twelve thousand rupees so many people

have found it on the wall as soon as they have registered it means if they  If someone has checked this slip or does not have this slip, then he can also check his 12 thousand rupees. There are two ways today. He can check his money.

This way you can check the eligibility of 14000 from NSER slip

 The easiest and simplest way is that first of all you have to write the form number. The form number that you have written is the form number. Friends, the form number that is written above.  The form number of Gaya Four Triple K and Triple Zero 322 is OK. Then you have to keep this form number which you have received here. 

Write the form number here. If you don’t write the paragraph number, you will write the ID card number here. If you write the ID card number, you will not write the form number here. You know how to write.  After that you have to write down the phone number here. Whatever mobile number you used to mean when you came to the church registration at that time, your number meant that you had to write down the number. 

To do this, you have to write this code in the space that I am showing you. If you do not know how to say this, you will be refreshed once or reopened. This website will get the cover that it is. Sometimes it is not a thief here, so I am telling you, well, we will write the code here and then you have to click here to find out. 

Get up and say if you click here if you have 12 thousand rupees, they will tell you to go to your nearest branch and get 12 thousand rupees if you have not said or you. It says that what you have is not registered. If it is not registered then it will not be registered. If it tells you to go to the bank then you will go to the bank. 

They can take this money from where they are inside, this is their check post, they are with them in government schools and colleges, they can take it from there and after that they can also take it from a team if 

If you have money in your name then you can withdraw money from it, otherwise you will not get money out of ATM, then after that I will tell you here, its website etc.  Let me tell you about it. You can go to the websites and see the details. Here is the official website of the government. Official websites are called from where I can see you here now. You can lodge a complaint here.  If you are what you are


How to register a complaint of ineligible and tested people in Ehsaas program

 You can file a complaint here. There are two types of complaints. Now they will tell you here. If your thumbprints do not appear then you can select the first meaning option here. If someone takes money then the second option is to block the account and then look at it here. Sixteen times biometric. If you have done and you have failed,

you will click here. If your household survey has not been done, you will click here or someone else  If there is a problem then you select the last option. If you have selected one of them, you will take up the issue of donkeys here.

After that you have to take your full name here.  OK, you will write the full name, then you will write the ID card number, you will write your mobile number, the same mobile number that you gave in the survey there, then what is the description of your complaint, what is your problem, you write here  There is no problem in writing in Urdu. Submit here. If you click on the above, then your complaint will be registered.  This is a valuable and useful article for you.

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