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Get your guns ready and join fellow shooters for this exciting and thrilling shooting game where you’ll be able to take on a number of zombies with your impressive shooting abilities. Take advantage of the 3D shooter and take part in thrilling shooting challenges.

You will be playing side-by-side with millions of gamers online all around the globe as you join forces to fight the ever-growing army of zombies, to stop them from destroying the entire world. Be a fighter for the people and fight to save yourself Always be alert in this exciting and thrilling shooter.

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The game is set in 2040 when the devastating World War II had ravaged the entire world. People’s lives were changed completely due to the unpredictable nature of the conflict. Fear and terror swept across the land as people fled their homes in order to remain in peace. Nations begin sending destruction weapons to the territories of one another. The conflict escalated, especially at the border between nations.

As a result borders of countries are so tense that none of them could step foot into this zone of death. They don’t realize because of the bloodshed from war, a threatening virus has been released at the frontiers of their nations. The virus quickly devours those who are left in the region and continue to spread to the mainland.

To avoid a total destruction of the entire human race, humanity is uniting to fight zombies. But can they protect themselves from the devastating and deadly zombies attack? It’s up to you decide. Join millions of gamers online join forces, get involved, and take part in thrilling zombie shooting challenges. The fate of the world is on your shoulders.


In general, Dead Target’s context and gameplay are very identical to Dead Trigger, but the distinctive thing is that you aren’t able to move. Yes. I’m serious. Many players have complained about this. Maybe we’re used shoot as well as “kite” monsters when playing other games. So being in a stalemate with thousands of zombies running at your face is not an enjoyable experience. This has however raised the level of terror and tension to a whole new level. Do not run away You can stop the zombies with your weapon and the help of SWAT forces.

The thing I love the most about this game is that you don’t know the next thing that will happen. It is impossible to tell where the zombies come from or what their capabilities are. Some zombies appear fragile, but they are able to withstand many bullets. Certain zombies are able to vomit out axit , or even a vicious zombie dog who is willing to go right at you.

No matter what it is imperative to eliminate the most zombies you can. This not only allows you to stay alive, but also earns you an enormous amount of gold. The fastest method to kill zombies is to shoot on their head. The chest is more convenient, however, in return, you’ll earn less money , and in some cases you require more than one shot to take them out. Adjust the amount or decrease in sensitivities to ensure that you are aim in the most precise way.

Epic weapons

When playing the FPS game, the main thing players are looking for is their arsenal. Each level you will discover thousands of modern weapons from Dead Target. The game features a variety of weapons, including machine guns, rifles pistols, sniper rifles, launchers for grenades…

Beginning by using the standard gun you can conquer the majority of levels with a pistol as well as MP5. The zombies will grow more powerful and unpredictable, and it’s an ideal time to try new weapons. The purchase of new guns and the upgrading of them can be helpful if you find yourself stuck in one of the areas for long periods of period of time.

Amazing 3D graphics

The graphics in Dead Target were designed in Unity Engine 4.0 platform, offering amazing image quality with incredible clarity. It is a game with great compatibility which runs flawlessly on the majority of smartphones, regardless of whether it’s an Lumia 520. The dark backdrop is paired with scary effects that create players fearful. Additionally, sound and music aid in making the game more captivating and exciting.

Many zombies with special abilities to test your skills

The game introduces players to a deep zombie system that requires you to battle against all types of zombies. Take on a variety of zombies in all sizes and shapes. Each has distinct capabilities and powers that need to be dealt with using specific strategies.

Once you’ve reached the upper levels and levels, you’ll have to contend with zombies that are significantly infected by the virus. Take on a variety of zombies while you take them from your protected areas.

The most important thing is that you’ll be faced against giant bosses who possess a powerful and immersive power that few zombies can rival. Prepare yourself so that you’re prepared to stand strong when they attack you.

Amazing boosts that could totally alter the course of fight

In addition to strong weapons, players get introduced to numerous improvements in the game which can significantly enhance your abilities. You can pick up anything that is as basic as enhancing the damage you suffer, your precision, or firing speed and then to incredible boosts that could even alter the course of battle, particularly when playing with your friends.

You can take on a variety of challenges to defeat the zombies, and earn incredible rewards

To collect valuable and exciting items available that are available, players playing Dead Target can participate in challenging quests. Choose your preferred weapons and tackle massive challenge. Do battle with multiple monsters in order to earn experience and increase your ranking. Find cool weapons and items to help you advance your quest. Additionally, the game has some of the most bizarre and interesting achievements you can accomplish to get yourself some amazing loots.

Play for free

The game is available for free on the Google Play Store, so you’ll be able to have it downloaded on mobile devices. While it comes with in-app purchase, you’re likely find them annoying If you’re committed enough. With many rewards you’ll be able to match those who are paid.

Unlock unlimited access using our mod

If you’re not in the mood for the little quests, it may be better to install Our Dead Target Mod APK installed on your mobile devices. We have removed the game’s lock to the fullest extent to allow you to easily enjoy all its features, buy anything you like without spending a dime to play, enjoy the free-of-ads gameplay and more. Simply download the APK download and run it according to our directions.

Audio and visual quality


Together with the dynamic and powerful shots, Dead Target introduces gamers to an engaging shooting games ever on the mobile platform.

Download Dead Target Mod latest 4.73.0 Android APK

The fans of those classic games of shooting zombies will enjoy this game. Take on the zombies in this thrilling game.

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