Clean Phone

🕵WHY to CHOOSE Clean Phone – CPU Cooler
⭐ Equipped with advanced mechanisms such as junk cleaner, Block Noti-ads, RAM booster, Game booster, cpu cooler , Clear cache, device optimizer, app manager.
⭐ A powerful and effective cpu cooler, phone booster, cleaner booster, cleaner for android to improve your phone for best performance

How does Clean Phone – CPU Cooler improve your device performance?
✔ CPU Cooler – Minimizes CPU temperature and enhances performance
✔ Block Notification – Remove noti from variety apps
✔ Cleaner booster : release memory and booster phone.
✔ Game Booster: booster phone to release memory space before play games.
✔ Power Clean Battery Saver: power clean kills battery draining apps to save power.
✔ Clean Ram Make more RAM space for other app to execute.
✔ App Manager – Analyzes and manages the status of apps intelligently
Now we can go on details
❄️CPU Cooler Master
• Help cooler master the cpu by closing background apps manager, accounting for more resources, to overload the system.
• Cool down your phone and reduce CPU usage by closing the apps causing temperature rise with your permission.
• Monitor the status of the cpu temperature, cpu cooler master resources percentage
• Kill unnecessary processes, thereby cpu temperature lowered. Cpu cooler usage does not exceed the threshold of working allows your device will help increase life expectancy, better management.

🔥Optimize, Master Clean phone
• Speed up your phone, optimize phone space safely
• Clean application cache, download folders, browser history, clipboard content

👿Reclaim Storage Space
• Analyze – optimize valuable storage space
• Quickly, easily uninstall multiple applications, photos, videos and more
• Phone cleaner all junks such as obsolete and residual files

🚀Max Memory Booster
• Helps speed up the phone by freeing up RAM, accelerate the speed when running. After boosting your mobile, you can run a speed test to see how much faster it is.
•Phone booster, speed up your Android phone with just one tap

🎲Game Booster Max Ping
Boost your favorite games such as Free Fire, PUBG or others and enjoy max ping without lag-free gaming experience. Try app for Game Booster shortcut to get your games run faster, smoother and slay all the enemies blocking your way to the victory.

🔋Max Battery Saver
By analyzing battery usage status and helps to find battery-draining apps automatically and stop them efficiently.

Does your battery drain faster than ever?
Do you need a phone cleaner app to clean ram, CPU cooler and booster phone speed ?
Are you being annoyed by a lot of Notifications from variety app ?

So if you have 3 questions and find the app to help you answer them then Clean Phone – CPU Cooler is the right application for you. dDeveloped by the Dygo Studio, a special shortcut designed for phones with less than 1 GB of memory. It has the most efficient and safest cleaning engine and amazing Android cleaner master acceleration. Clean Phone – CPU Cooler totally can clear junk files, Block Notification, remove cache, release storage space hence boosting phone performance and speed.

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