23 Money Making Apps That You Need To Download

We all use a number of apps on our smartphones. Do you realize that you could earn money with these applications? There are a lot of applications that pay real cash and can be used to earn extra money in your pocket. They might not suffice to earn you a fortune, but they will certainly give you some decent pocket cash. It’s dependent on how you make maximum value.

There are various kinds of apps, such as advertising apps as well as sharing apps for economy market research apps and so on. that offer the possibility to earn real cash by spending time with their applications. Therefore, you are able to download one or even a few and get started.

These apps are ideal when students are pursuing their studies but simultaneously seeking to make side-time income sources. Even housewives and people who work can benefit from these apps.

If you’re looking to join an app that actually pays money, then you should read this blog attentively. We are going to look at 21 money-making apps should be on your smartphone by 2021. This is not just a list, but we’ll also give you plenty of details on how they function and the best way to start earning money and using them. This will allow you to choose the app that is suitable for your needs the most.

However, prior to downloading any app that claims to offer real money it is important to be aware of a few points since scams and frauds are in the news. There are a lot of search marketing apps that may be required to pay the cost of your registration. We recommend not to use these kinds of money-making apps since they’re usually scams. Before you sign up, study the app thoroughly and look at reviews and ratings , and then sign up. It is at the end of the day it is crucial to be sure that you’re getting money for the hard work you put in and aren’t being cheated.


1. Games Money Making Apps

There are several applications where you can play games and earn real money. Let’s take a take a look at some of these games apps that pay real cash.

Blackout Blitz

It is a Bingo game is very well-known throughout the US and in this game you can play it for free or with money against your rivals and beat them to get cash prizes and cash reward points. User reviews are excellent as well. You can also download itto play for a while, before investing your money to earn more. You should verify whether it’s legal in your area. This app is only available for iOS only.

Solitaire Cube

Perhaps you are familiar with Windows Solitaire games. There is also an IOS version, where players are permitted to play for free and unlimited games within the play leagues. You can also earn points that can be used to purchase prizes. If you’re looking to earn real cash it is possible to participate in Pro League where you will need to make deposit to be able to participate.


It’s a different app that actually pays cash. Over 10 million users have downloaded the app and it’s available for Androids only. It allows you to play a variety of new games, and earn “units”. You can then use these ‘units to buy cash gift cards from websites.

2. Money making apps for survey

It is also possible to participate in surveys and earn money online with several of the most well-known apps. Here are some programs that will pay you real cash.

Survey Junkie

It is among the top-paying survey applications on the market. More than 3 million people have been enrolled with it. You will have to express your opinion on different brands, and get cash or gift cards as rewards that can be withdrawn through PayPal.


It’s another fantastic application that actually pays cash. The reason why we’re saying this is because they pay actual dollars and not just coins or points. If you sign up you will earn $5 in bonus money and when you participate in any survey, you could earn anywhere from 0.5to $20 per survey. You can earn more by shopping or taking part in offers made available on the app as well as watching television.


It’s a well-known brand within the online survey industry. The app rewards users to complete surveys, play games and shopping online, as well as watching commercials. Bonuses for referrals are also available. The app has a long history that has paid its customers millions since the app was launched.

3. Cash Back Apps

There are a lot of amazing kinds of apps that earn money for free by sharing your spending records with them. You don’t need to make any shopping. Simply upload your details and let them monitor your expenses , and these applications will make payments to you.

Here are some cashback applications that pay real cash.

Fetch Rewards

Making money is as simple as snapping a photo of your receipt and then uploading it to this application. It has agreements with over 250 brands. every time you shop at each of them, the app awards you points which can be used to buy gift cards from your favorite shops. It can also be helpful keeping track of the amount you spend at different stores.


This app will help you earn cashback on your groceries. You can pay your money out through PayPal or to exchange it to gift cards. Users who make use of this app could save as much as 120dollars over the course of one year.

Rakuten, Wikibuy, Pei, Dosh and Earny are some of the cash-back applications which pay real money.

4. Delivery and Driving Apps

It is possible to use these apps to use your free time to earn up to $500 per week. Below are a few of these applications.

Postmates and Doordash

These apps could help you earn up to $25 per hour, by delivering local items in your neighborhood. Doordash allows you to serve as food delivery drivers. In your free time, it’s an excellent option for an extra income.

Uber and Lyft

It is possible to use these ride-sharing applications to earn an extra income every day. You can decide on your work hours , and there is a fantastic feature known as “destination mode,” in which you can specify where you’re headed and it will only take passengers on the same direction.

5. Exercise and Earn Apps

There are also applications that pay you real cash to do your routine workout.


You can make plans for your Healthy life and use this application to track your steps taken, your sleep hours, and participate in of Medical Research programs and make money. There are tasks, surveys, and a couple of other options on the application to make money. The app has partnerships with a variety of health businesses and assists to conduct market research. The money you earn is able to be cashed via PayPal or, alternatively, you can transfer them to the bank account of your choice.


The app has an interesting idea where you deposit a portion of your cash and establish a weight loss target for yourself. If you reach that goal the goal, you receive your money back in addition to more cash and reward.

Rover along with Wag, Sweatcoin are also options to download.

6. Earn money using your Smartphone

We use a lot of data daily on numerous companies like Facebook and Twitter. Certain apps offer real cash to use your phone.


It is possible to download their app for your iOS device. This market research panel will offer you up to 20dollars per year to provide information about your internet browsing patterns. This application does not cause any problems for your phone and does not cause any other negative effects. Therefore, you are able to install it and earn money.

There is also the option of installing Honeygain as well as Nelson Computer and Mobile Panel and Mobile Panel, which are both similar applications.

7. Selling Apps

It is possible to sell the useless items in your home on sites like Amazon and eBay and earn quick cash. A lot of people are wholesale resellers. Let’s look at a few other similar apps.


This application helps you figure out the value of books you’ve read and are planning to sell. The barcode can be scanned and it will show you information on the price of books on various sellers on their websites. From there, you can select the best place you can sell the book to make the most profits.

Amazon Seller App

Many people have converted their amazon reselling work to a full-time enterprise and can use this free application to sell various products , and as well to purchase many.


It is among the most popular platforms for freelancing which has assisted millions of people all over the globe earn online cash. If you’ve registered your account on the website You can then install its applications on your smartphone for easier use. You can provide services that you’re skilled at and earn money based on the knowledge you have gained in the field and your work experiences. You could write content graphic design video editing, web development, or any other work you are comfortable with.


If you have space in your home and are happy with guests paying You can make great use of this website. Your earnings will be contingent on competitiveness in your area however, it can be an excellent tool to increase your budget. Since it was first introduced it has shaken up the industry of hotels. If your area has hotels, then you’re sure to have a demand for it too.

10. Captcha Filling

Different websites offer captcha filling tasks and also offer apps for smartphones , which you can download from their site. If you aren’t sure what a captcha filling is? Let me help you with all the details regarding this job.

Captcha is a test that is used by numerous apps, websites, and sites to stop any type of bots from operating and make sure that their platforms are not used by bots that are programmed to do so. The tests involve typing in the correct text, or , in some cases, includes testing of image recognition.

When filling out captchas, you need to type in the captchas in the picture correctly, and then you get paid for it. The amount of money you earn from a captcha entry job is contingent on your speed at typing and also how fast your connection to the internet. In general, you will be paid between 0.25to $3 per captcha solved. You can see the different pay rates on various websites. This means that you must select the most suitable one to get the most of your time and effort.

The cash you make from the captcha entry jobs can be transferred via PayPal, Payoneer or into your bank account based on the options on the site. You may not be able to earn an enormous amount of money however this job is great for students as well as other individuals who prefer working at home. It doesn’t require any particular skills. It’s a simple job for anyone to do.

We’re now recommending some of the top captcha filling sites to get started with this task.


It is a well-known International captcha filling site that gives you as much as $1 per entry for a thousand. Users earn up to $200 per month on this site and you could also sign up and earn. However, you must be cautious about not repeating mistakes because they can be able to ban you.


It’s a no-cost captcha service that, if you’re an unexperienced user, you can earn around 0.45dollars for every 1000 correctly completed captcha answers. You’ll require an invitation code to sign to this site, that you can get on the web.


Another option is to use it because it will pay up to 0.8$1 to 1.5$1 per 1,000 entries. The minimum amount you must take out is $2. Beware of anyone who tries to trick you into paying for a fee to register since it’s free to join.


You can earn up to $1 per 1,000 entries on this site. You can go to the website and sign up for an account. To learn more about the process you can go through FAQs and other details on the website that gives an understanding of the website.


It’s also a well-known platform for filling out captcha jobs, where you can also be compensated for your efforts to complete complex captchas. You can also choose to earn more money by referring people to join the site and you can transfer your earnings to the account of your Paypal, Payza or WebMoney account.


It provides self-storage facilities. There are people who require storage space and this platform helps them connect with other individuals who have storage space. For instance, you may have space isn’t needed in your garage, or else and make good cash. There are reports that show those who can earn up to $15,000 a year from this system.


Another great application that provides peer-to-peer rental services. We don’t drive every day and could use this app to rent and then give our vehicle on lease to other people , and be paid for it. You could easily earn monthly $500. If you own new cars and reside in some of the top tourist areas, you’ve got advantages. RV Share and Turo are another like applications which pay real cash.

13. Trim

It’s a tool where you can sign-up and download their app that can help cut down the amount of your bill. They will analyze your spending and provide suggestions on how to save money, negotiate the cost of your cable and internet bills and assist in finding lost subscriptions, charges and other charges that are racking up the amount of your bills each month. They receive a portion of the money they help you save as a commission.

14. Foap

Another fantastic application that can pay real cash. If you’re an amateur photographer, then this app is essential for your smartphone. It’s suitable for professionals and beginners as they can make money selling the photos they click. There are a lot of advertising and marketing agencies that will buy your photos and you could earn anywhere from $5 to $100 for each photo you sell.


If you install this application it will start showing advertisements on your lock screen , and earns money for it. Every time you open your phone, you’ll earn some cash. The app is accessible on the Google Play Store and Paypal and Square Cash withdrawal is also available to cash out your earnings. You can also boost your earnings by participating in other surveys and tasks that are available through the app.

16. Toluna

It’s also a research application, but we are not mentioning it in isolation due to the unique aspects that distinguish it among other similar apps which pay real cash. Since it is an app for market research and there are surveys that you can participate and earn money, but it also allows you to make your own polls. It allows you to conduct surveys yourself on public opinions, current events and also earn you additional points. Paypal is a way to transfer your funds and has received excellent reviews for both Google Play Store and iTunes.

17. Userfeel

It is also an exciting way to earn money. You will be required to participate in usability tests that include visiting new websites as well as performing tasks that are easy and recording feedback. Tests can run between 10 and 20 minutes, and you could earn up to $10 that can be deposited into Your Payoneer as well as your PayPal account. If you sign up for the test, you will be provided with an unpaid test task in which your voice and screen are recorded while you’re working that allows the Userfeel team in giving your rating.

18. Musely

You can purchase eco-friendly home products, cosmetics and also, it’s an opportunity for women to offer lifestyle tips and health guidance. The app will pay you real cash as soon as you are an influencer. Once you have your store, and later you receive 20% of the products that you have recommended being sold. You get paid on the 1st and 15th day of every month.

19. Cointiply

It’s a site and an app available for smartphones . You can earn Bitcoins from watching ads, downloading apps, playing games , and answering surveys. In the future you can turn these Bitcoins into cash. it’s one of the most simple ways to earn money online.

20. Google Opinion Rewards

Because it’s an app from Google There are no doubts about its authenticity. The app is exclusively available for Androids which gives you reward points that you can redeem when downloading anything from the Google Play Store. It provides you with weekly tasks that you must to complete within the given time.

21. Viggle

We all have a few favorite web series and enjoy an enjoyable time watching music. What if you’re being paid for this? It is possible to download the app and stream any music or TV show you earn points which you can use to purchase gift cards in different retailers.


All you need is an Android phone to access this application, which pays you real cash. It is all you need to do is be prepared to take pictures of any event that is being held right in front of you. it is used by news media and websites, and you are paid. It’s an excellent app since we all witness numerous times, and it can be turned into profit.

23. Payment

This is the last app on our 23 app list that can pay real cash. It is possible to download the app through the Google Play Store and you need to sign-up using Facebook and, after verifying your phone number, you are able to start working on this application. In this app, you can complete various types of tasks, and when you finish these tasks, you earn points and earn earnings.

These were the names of several applications you can make use of to turn your phone into a cash-making machine.

It is not necessary to spend more time using these applications. You can earn a decent amounts of cash while following your routine.

Hope this article was helpful to you.

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